Thomas Simpson Rifle by Jim Parker

Thomas Simpson Rifle by Jim Parker

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Custom Firearms Built to the Customers Specifications

Custom Firearms Built to the Customers Specifications

Custom-built is just that, I build to the customer’s specifications. The rifle, pistol or Fowler will be built for fit to the individual. I will build:
*To your length of pull
*Add cast-off or cast-on
*Heel drop
*Wood type and quality
*Barrel length
*Brass or Iron furniture
*Wire inlay
*Type of Lock
Anything that can be specified by you is what is put into one of my custom-built firearms.

Please contact me to discuss your needs today.

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Jim Parker of Calvary Longrifles sponsors 3 Kentucky Rifle building classes each year at his shop located in Warrior Alabama. These classes are geared toward the beginner and intermediate builders. Each student provides a parts kit of their choice for the class. In the class they will receive instructions on the assembly of their parts. The goal of each class is for each student to have a fully functioning Kentucky Rifle in the white that they can shoot before leaving the class. They can then finish their rifle at home or come back and finish the rifle in another class.

Pictured at the right is Ron Hess holding the Jim Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle Kit that he assembled in class.


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