Custom built black powder rifles by Jim Parker

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Custom Builds

Custom Builds

Custom-built is just that, I build to the customer’s specifications. The rifle, pistol or Fowler will be built for fit to the individual. I will build:
*To your length of pull
*Add cast-off or cast-on
*Heel drop
*Wood type and quality
*Barrel length
*Brass or Iron furniture
*Wire inlay
*Type of Lock
Anything that can be specified by you is what is put into one of my custom-built firearms.

Please contact me to discuss your needs today.

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John Bull Rifle From Scratch
March 7th 2018 – March 16th 2018

Kit Building Class
May 14th 2018 – May 18th 2018
July 16th 2018 – July 20th 2018

Finish What You Start/Kit Building/Engraving
October 15th 2018 – October 19th 2018

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