How I Started

Let me introduce myself my name is Jim Parker.
I became interested in muzzle loading at about the age of 17.
My father traded an old Ford car for a muzzle loading rifle and all the fixings to make it shoot.
My 3 brothers and I took that old rifle out and played with it until we figured out how to shoot it.
From the first time I shot that old rifle I was hooked and I have been shooting the old guns ever since.
This was in 1968 and from that time I started trying to figure out how to get me a better rifle.Along about 1971 I made my first trip to Dixie Gun works and of course I was just like a kid in a candy store.
Well when I left Turner’s place I had the parts to build my first rifle.
I built that first rifle with not much more than a hand drill and a few screwdrivers on the kitchen table and needless to say it shot about that way.
The trigger pull was about 14 lbs, ignition was slow and I took way to much meat out of the butt of the gun, but I learned a great deal and gained a lot of respect for the builders of old.A few years went by before I had the funds to build another rifle; it was a little 32 cal. This rifle came out much better and it was a flint to boot and I still have this little rifle.
The next rifle I built from a blank. Many lessons were learned on this project and I still have this rifle.
It is a 54 cal. Flint and I have taken a few deer with it. I built it in 1985 and it is the rifle that started my gun-building career.
After I built it folks started asking me to do work on their guns and the next thing I knew I had me a few orders and was staying busy pretty much all the time.Thanks to the help of a few very good friends like Perry Mitchell and Frank Bartlett who were very instrumental in teaching me some of the finer points of rifle building.
I enrolled in the NMLRA GUNSMITHING seminars where I met Mark Silver, Hershel House, Gary Brumfield, Wallace Gusler, Jack Brooks & Jim Chambers.
Being around this caliber of builders and learning from them was worth every penny that the course cost. I then decide to start PARKER’S CUSTOM GUNSMITHING.
This was a good start but I ran into a little personal trouble and it kind of threw me off course. During this time I dedicated my life to Christ and decided that I wanted to put him first in my life.I decided to change the name of my company to a name that would put Christ in the lead and changed it to Calvary Long Rifles. The logo that is on the rifles I have made since this change is the three crosses.
The Cross is the greatest symbol of love there has ever been and I want to share that love with all the people that I come into contact with.
I hope that when people look at my rifles in the future that this witness of love will stay with them in their hearts.
If it were not for the grace of my Lord and Savior what little talent that I have would be in vain.
As the Cross is the greatest symbol of love, Christ’s resurrection is the greatest symbol of hope.
The resurrection is the symbol that even though we did not deserve the love that was given on the Cross we still have the hope of eternal life with Christ because of his resurrection and his promise, John 3:16.


So friends if you order a rifle from me, be assured that I will put my best quality into it because it will not be an example of my skill but instead it will be a witness of the love of Christ.

-Jim Parker