2020 Class Schedule & General Class Information

2020 Class Schedule

March – 9th through the 13th – Kit Building Class (One spot left in this class as of 8/22/2019)

May – 18th through the 22nd – Kit Building Class (Two spots left in this class as of 8/22/2019

October – 12th through the 16th – Kit Building Class (Five spots left in this class as of 8/22/2019)

My scheduled Kit Building classes can accommodate up to 5 students. In the kit building class any type of kit can be built by the student. It can be a rifle, Fowler, pistol, or a half stock rifle. The students are responsible for buying their parts before class starts. If a student needs help with this, I will be glad to help them.

Individual Classes: For those that cannot make the scheduled class dates. Cost for the individual classes will be $150 a day. Any aspect of rifle building can be covered in an individual class. This includes, Carving, Engraving, Traditional Finishing Techniques, Patch Box making, etc. Please call to schedule an Individual Class.

Team Building Classes: I am going to offer for the first time in 2020 team building classes. Many business offer team building events to their employee’s to help them perform better as teams. My classes provide a great team building experience from the planning and development stages, quality control and product finishing. My classes also provide historical background about our great nation and the importance the Kentucky Rifle played in it’s development. Please call to schedule a Team Building Class.

My Shop is in a very rural location. It is located approximately 20 miles for the nearest Hotels and Restaurants. For that reason I offer to let students stay at my home. I can sleep up to 5 students. 3 students will have individual bedrooms and access to a full bath on the ground level, 2 students have to share a bedroom that has twin beds in it and it has access to the main bath on the middle level of my home. Sharing the bedroom has not been a problem. In most of the classes have had a father & son or two students that do not mind sharing sleeping quarters. Sleeping arrangements will be OK’d with the students before class starts. All linens, towels and wash cloths will be provided. Each student is welcomed to bring their own bedding and towels if they desire to do so.

For the students that stay at my home for the classes. I provide 3 meals a day. A hot breakfast, sandwich lunch and a hot dinner. I do this to keep from taking to much time away from the class due to the restaurants being so far away.

Breakfast – usually consist of eggs, bacon or sausage, toast of biscuits, juice, milk, coffee and fruit. (Any special food requirements, please let me know).

Lunch – Sandwiches, chips, snacks, bottled water of coffee. (If you want soft drinks please bring them).

Supper – The menu is usually determined by my darling bride. All I can tell you is, it will be hot and tasty. Southern Sweet Tea, Coffee or Bottled water to drink. (If you want soft drinks please bring them).

I charge an additional $150 per student for room and board for the week. This is in addition to the cost of the class.

Smokers: I am not a smoker, I ask that you smoke outside of my home and my shop. Please police your cigarette butts, my yard and shop grounds are not an ash tray. I provide sand buckets outside my home and shop for your convenience and mine. Please use them.

Adult beverages: After class some may want to partake in an adult beverage. As long as everyone keeps this civil and low keyed I do not mind. Please remember that my home is a Christian home and I have no alcohol normally in my home. I am not against a social drink as long as it stays that way. To date I have never had a problem with this, with your help I never will.

Class start date: I ask that everyone show up on the Sunday afternoon around 3 PM before the class starts on Monday. I do this so the students will have a chance to get to know one another and get their bench assignments. Most students get their tools and parts out and go to work as well as socializing, and I encourage this. I usually grill hamburgers and hotdogs and have chips and snacks at the shop Sunday evening.

On Monday and the rest of the week, after breakfast we will start class usually by 7:30 AM. We will break for Lunch around Noon and quit for supper around 6:30 PM. None of these times are set in stone. I will let each student determine what hours they want to work. I want to make sure though that each students get as much shop time as possible so be assured that anyone that wants to work late after supper I will be available and so will the shop. Please remember this is a laid back atmosphere but at the same time I want everyone to feel that they g0t their money’s worth.

Many of my students get their projects complete enough to shoot by Friday afternoon. Any student that gets that far along and wants to will be offered the chance to shoot their pride and joy.

I look forward to meeting each of you. If have additional questions please ask.

Jim Parker

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