John Bull Rifle From Scratch

March 7th 2018 – March 16th 2018
Cost: $900.00 a $250.00 deposit is required. Class description: This class is an advanced class and is not a suitable class for the beginning rifle builder. In this class each student will start with a stock blank that has the barrel inlet and the ram rod hole drilled. Each student will learn the method for laying out on the stock blank all of the required locations and the proper relationships of the lock, triggers, butt plate, length of pull, cast off, stock architecture, the location of the ram rod thimbles. In addition each student will learn how to make and install ram rod pipe the toe plate and side plate and nose cap. Each student will be instructed on how to forge an Iron butt plate and trigger guard. Due to the intense nature of this class and the amount of handwork that will be involved it is very doubtful that students will leave this class with a working rifle. That said I do feel that the major components will be made and installed and some of the stock shaping started and each project to the point that the student can complete their projects at home. Each student will be responsible for obtaining their own stock blank and barrel and having the barrel and ram rod hole drilled before the class starts.Recommended ToolsContact Us About This Class

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