Thomas Simpson Raffle Rifle Project

I built this rifle for the Mississippi Masonic Mountain Men as a fund raiser for the charities that they support. This rifle is based on my original Thomas Simpson “Ridgill Rifle”. Richard Sullivan at Colonial Williamsburg helped me cast the butt plate, trigger guard, patch box and side plate. The barrel was made by Charley Burton of FCI Barrels. The barrel is an exact copy of the original barrel. The lock is a modified RE Davis Twigg lock. The triggers were handmade by me using an original set of triggers by Simpson. I hand inlet the barrel and drilled the ram rod hole and hand made the thimbles and nose cap from sheet brass. The cheek piece star and fore arm inlays I made from sterling silver sheet. All of the silver overlays on the patch box, butt plate, toe plate, side plate and trigger guard are of sterling. All of this work was hand engraved by me. Once I got this work complete Keith Casteel was commissioned to add the Masonic inlays which he made from sterling silver. Keith engraved these inlays and engraved bible verses on the fore stock inlays. It was an honor to with with a brother Mason and a Master Gunsmith, thank you Keith.

This rifle will be given away early in 2019 for more information about the raffle and the charity please visit the Mississippi Masonic Mountain Men web site at

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